Youth Trainer & Family Coach

Younite offers the possibility to guide your teen or your family by one of our certified coaches

Depending on what your goals are, we will select the right coach for you or your family

Every coaching follows the following procedure.


Understand your goal .

2. Goal

Define a coaching goal together

3. Coaching

Sessions to focus on the result

4. Reflect

Reflection on the path, define the right steps

5. Follow-up

Create new habits to integrate into your life


Coaching means for us to have an open and honest relationschip between people with a deep knowledge of how the mind and emotions work. Thanks to decades of experience in the field of personal development and the integration of our studies, Younite created a method of coaching dedicated to youth coaching and leadership for parents.

Coaching for Teenagers

Teens between 9 and 21 years old

Coaching one to one with one of our certified coaches
to guide your child during his life path

Privat coaching sessions online.

Sport coaching.

Mental coaching

Stress management and fear of exams

Discover talents, passion and goals for the future

Emotional management like fear, anger, sadness and insecurity

Themes like bullying, low self-esteem, self harm, anorexia, lack of relatives and friends, problems at home or at school.

Whatsapp support for free between the coaching sessions

Interaction with the parents during the coaching path


Write an email to
or call +393384825290.

Coaching for Family's

For parents, single parents and during divorce with children between the age 9-12 years

Coaching one to one with one of our certified Family Coaches,
to bring harmony into your family

Privat sessions online

Improve the harmony in the family.

Improve the communication between the family members

New strategies to strengthen the relationship between parents

Parents and Children goal settings

Support during separation and divorce

Practical and personalized communication tool, emotional and behavioral management

Free WhatsApp support between the coaching sessions


Write an email to
or call +393384825290.

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