About Younite

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable all teenagers to
follow their DREAMS
believe in their TALENTS
feel free to express THEMSELVES
for who they are.

We believe that teenagers can change our world because they are incredibly smart and aware; sadly though, due to all sorts of external influences, they are often unable to develop their self-esteem and make the right choices for themselves, for their future and to live their dreams.

We guide teenagers, help them increase their self-esteem and make them feel free to be who they really are, believing in the beauty of their future and living their dreams to their fullest!

Master Trainers

Nan Coosemans

Founder of Younite®, Family and Youth Coach, Author of the book “What kids don’t say” at Sperling & Kupfer and mother of 3 children.
I have been working in the world of personal development for over 20 years.
I founded Younite® in 2010 and Parents in Action in 2016, the first online school for parents with teenagers. I am co-founder of the YADA Association and YFD Institute, the first school that forms Family or Youth Coach in Italy.

I studied several years in America, the Netherlands and England, integrating with my knowledge acquired with NLP, TLT, VT® and Family Therapist. Together with the Younite® team I have worked with thousands of children and families in the Netherlands and Italy.

Florian Hiele

Co-founder of Younite®, founder of YADA Association and YFD Institute, and founder of Sociale Vrijheid.
Family and Youth coach, speaker, writer, researcher and father of a son. I entered the world of personal development when I was 17.
After overcoming my social anxiety and depression, I made my mission in life to connect teenagers with personal development. I have treated hundreds of clients (adults and teenagers) successfully.

I studied in Europe and America in various fields such as psychology, human behavior and how people learn. I am certified in NLP, EE, TLT and VT, specialized in phobias and social anxieties and I have more than 11 years of experience in the educational field training international teenagers.

Coach and Trainer Certified Younite®

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