One-to-one coaching to guide your child on his path in life
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1 day workshop to increase self-esteem and handle the questions of everyday
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Weekend seminar to discover your talent and increase you self-esteem!
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One week together discovering dreams and develop self-esteem!
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Younite on school! A school program of 3 months!

The Younite project’s aim is to guide young people how to deal with themselves,deal with others,  their questions, stress, anxiety and especially how to work on their life goals in a way that they are able to choose their own future. Young people often don’t know what they want to do or why they want to do it. They don’t want to study or think that they are not able to, stop school earlier,  work and they often even find an escape in alcohol, drugs and/or violence. Younite is based on the next questions:

Power Camp Experience!

Join our next Power Camp in the Netherlands.


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